“Each coaching session gives me at least two strategies I can use to advance my business.  My profit and cash flow are up and I now have free time to coach other businesses and get paid as a speaker and expert in my industry.”
– Marnie Browne, Fem Skin Therapy


“As a direct result of coaching, I now spend 35% of my time working ON my business.  I’ve learned how to focus my marketing messages and to act on parts of my business I’d been ignoring – like the financials.  My net profit is now up 20% and I can pay my salary and bills each month without worry!”
– Ben Madden, Artist, Queensland


“Based on one strategy I learned 2 months ago, I increased my net profit margin by 10%!  That one simple strategy allowed me to focus 5 more hours per week managing the sales team (instead of doing the sales myself) – plus I got to take a 4 week vacation and spend more time with my family!”
– Craig Missell, Match2 Personnel


“Coaching gave me the confidence I needed to increase my prices and expand my distribution network. This year my customer base grew by 17%, my existing customers are spending 25% more and I have a solid business plan in place to grow and measure our performance along the way!”
– Gianna Mollinaro, Clothing Designer, Melbourne


“Coaching helped me to put a plan and process in place to collect debt 15 days quicker on average.  Our cash flow is up and I now know exactly what I need to do each month to grow my business.”
– Leo Aiello, Commlec Services, Melbourne


“I get to network with other owners who are serious about growing their businesses and I leave each session with tangible, practical strategies that put more money in my wallet and help me to focus ONLY on the tasks that will improve my bottom line.”
– Brenda Thomson, Networking World, Melbourne


“The day after attending my coaching session, I implemented one of the concepts we learned and that one change in my business increased my revenues enough to pay for coaching in one month. I’ve already recommended coaching to three other business owners! ”
– Dean Roberts, Konica Minolta, California, USA


“Coaching helped us to get our profit and cash flow turned around within 5 months – we were able to sell our business for the price we wanted. If you are serious about doing whatever it takes to improve your business, I would highly recommend that you contact Rhondalynn for coaching.”
– Steve and Patricia Biviano, McKinnon Service Centre, Melbourne


“I’ve been in business for years and I found myself doing the same things over and over again…and our results pretty much reflected that. Coaching boosted my confidence, challenged me to try new things and I learned how to expand my business profitably.  Our new marketing campaign brought us a massive 34% increase in customers and increased the amount our customers spend at each visit by 28%.  The benefit to coaching far exceeded the investment of time and money.”
– Kari Aston, The Boutique, Melbourne


“The best investment of time and money that I have made in the last decade, was to work with Rhondalynn to understand where we are at financially and put a plan in place to grow our business profitably.  I stopped making a few common mistakes that were hurting our bottom line and I am much less distracted by tasks and opportunities that don’t fit with the plan and goals we have put in writing for the business.”
– Don Mitchell, Built By Design, NSW


“Rhondalynn is devoted to client results and your success.  She has a proven track record of delivering incremental profits quickly and easily and she will help you improve and grow your business.”
–  Mario Ragusa, Intellectual Property Development Director, Melbourne


“The biggest concern that I had when I first started coaching was “how will I find the money to pay for it each month?” Within the first 6 weeks, we found the money and then some!  With just a few simple strategies around breakeven and goal setting, our revenues more than doubled and I am absolutely thrilled with our results.  I immediately recommended Rhondalynn to another business owner that I know needed her help.”
– Sandra Saxby, Guardian Network, Melbourne


“We were thinking of expanding our business and upgrading our facilities.  In just a few sessions with Rhondalynn we identified ways to improve our bottom line by making changes to our quotes and the way that work flows through our manufacturing facility.  She definitely pushed us beyond our comfort zone but she explained everything in plain English and she showed us how to track and measure our results to prove that we were making more money. We were able to expand without having to increase our rent and fixed costs.”
– Darren Elliot , Pro Solid, Melbourne


“In the beginning, I engaged Rhondalynn to help us find more customers.  I had no idea that we needed to make some changes to the way that we did things, to make the business more profitable and cash flow positive first.  I am so thankful that we didn’t waste a bunch of money on advertising before getting the fundamentals right.  We now make 19% more and I don’t feel pressed to spend more money each year on newspaper on online advertising – we just talk to our existing customers which is a whole lot cheaper and more effective.”
– Nicole Johannsen, Natural Remedies, Perth


“Rhondalynn is an extremely talented business coach. She is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and she can show you how to work smarter, not harder. If you have the opportunity to work with Rhondalynn, don’t hesitate!”
– Rick Crossland, Business Coach, USA


“Rhondalynn is one of the most professional, gifted mentors I have ever had the privilege to work with.  If you want to improve your business and take home more money, call her today.”
– Kyle Mott, Business Coach, USA


“Rhondalynn’s background, education and work experience make her the perfect coach for your small-mid size business. I would recommend Rhondalynn to you if you are looking to improve your financial results, grow your business, step up as a leader or establish yourself as an expert in your industry.”
– Nick Rucker, Global Training & Support Executive, Action Business Coaching, Las Vegas


“With extensive experience in finance, sales, marketing and corporate management, Rhondalynn has the knowledge base to help you achieve your full potential in business. What truly sets her apart from all the other elite business coaches is her ability to inspire greatness, prevent self-sabotage and encourage innovation.”
– Paul Lawless, Business Coach, Queensland


“Rhondalynn’s mission is to add value and to help you move forward profitably…and she delivers every time. Her knowledge and experience in business, law, accounting and NLP make her the ‘go to’ person if you are truly serious about transforming and accelerating your business. She is my first choice when referring friends or colleagues for business coaching.”
– Dr Martin Preston, Consultant Psychiatrist and Executive Mentor