A business coaching case study…

Do you sometimes waste time and money chasing new customers and sales instead of focusing on profitable growth?

As an example of how business growth coaching can completely change the outlook for your company, let me share with you a story about one of my clients. Brian had an established training and coaching business in a great location, but many new competitors had recently opened offices in nearby suburbs and were slowly stealing some of his market share. For this reason and more, Brian was keen to sell.

One day, a woman walked in and said, “I think you have a great business here and I want to purchase it.” She had recently received a large redundancy package and after careful consideration, she determined that Brian’s business was perfect for her new start. However, while she was able to make him a generous opening offer of $950,000, the deal fell through.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… $950,000 sounds like a pretty good offer and Brian should have taken the deal and ran. And you’re right, it was a very fair offer in the circumstances – so why did the deal ultimately fall through?

When she requested his financial statements, Brian happily turned the balance sheet and profit and loss statements over to her. Although she let him know that she would get back to him in about a week – after she had some time to review and analyse the numbers – Brian never heard from her again.

A tailored solution

If Brian had have engaged one of our small business coaches in Australia earlier, he would have been able to read and understand his own financial statements – and known exactly why she never got back to him. Although his business was profitable (on paper), he didn’t understand that his financial statements clearly showed his business didn’t have strong cash flow or healthy financial indicators. If only he could have read and understood the numbers before she approached him with a generous offer, he could have easily fixed the problems and negotiated a lucrative sale.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending – because Brian approached us for business coaching after a quick search on the internet. The reason he chose Imagineering (over other small business coaching programs in Australia) was our ability to offer a flexible, hands-on program with step-by-step business building modules customised to his individual needs.  Because he wanted to sell his business, we didn’t waste time taking him through diagnostics, and sessions that did not deliver the exact results he wanted.  We showed Brian how to read and use the information in his financial statements so that he could identify where the pain was in his business and focus his time and money on the areas that would bring him the biggest return when he sold the business. In Brian’s case, he was most concerned about the financial health of his business and the value he could reap by negotiating a sale. Ultimately, he was able to turn his business around and sell it for a handsome profit in less than 10 months. Business coaching helped Brian to identify where to direct his resources specifically, so that he could ask better questions, make better decisions, step up as a leader and achieve the results he deserved.

For some of you who are considering business coaching right now, you may be concerned about your bottom line or the amount that you take home yourself?  You sense that you might need more customers and sales but, quite frankly, you are struggling to find the money to invest in more sales and marketing activities right now.  Before we embark on helping you to get more profitable customers into your business, we will be working with you to ensure that you are squeezing the maximum amount of profit and cash flow out of your business.  We will then show you what you need to do in the next 30 days to unlock the cash flow that you need to invest in attracting more customers and sales.  We will also ensure that your are only spending money to attract (or upsell) your ideal customers and we will teach you how to shorten your sales cycle, make your message more memorable and inspire more of your prospects to say “YES” to your product/service.

At Imagineering, we can promise that our business coaching programs and proven strategies are the only ones in Australia to combine the latest insights from neuroscientific research, consumer behaviour studies and real life examples with thousands of small business coaching clients from different industries across Australia.

How can business strategy coaching help you?

So how does this apply to YOU and your business?  Great question!

While it is perfectly normal to rely on someone else to prepare your financial statements, you are responsible for the financial health and survival of your business. This means that you owe it to yourself to learn how to unlock and apply the insights in your financials through business coaching. Once you understand where you business is at financially, you will be in a much better position to put together a solid plan to grow it safely, reliably and profitably.  You will also be able to quickly put your finger on the pulse of your company (at any time and from anywhere), unlock the cash flow you need to invest in assets or marketing campaigns and set targets that are easy to track/measure and communicate to your team.

How much more confident and relaxed would you be if you were running a successful and thriving enterprise right now?

What if business coaching could show you how to double your bottom line this year by simply working smarter – not harder?

No matter what your situation is – you might be struggling to break even or just looking for ways to grow by another 50% this year –  today is the best day to reach out and learn through business coaching, how to unlock the insights and strategies you need to grow your business, despite what is happening to your competitors and the economy.

When you use Imagineering business coaching, we will work with you one-on-one to make your goals a reality. We offer small business coaching in Australia to help entrepreneurs (just like you) to implement proven growth strategies and profitable systems that allow you to work less and get paid more. We will do more than just show you the path and light the way – as your business coach, we will hold you accountable, track your progress, help you avoid making costly errors and assist you to break through your perceived barriers and limitations.

Are You a Woman in Business or Would You Just Prefer a Woman Business Coach?

As a woman, Master business coach, best-selling author, media commentator and entrepreneur, Rhondalynn Korolak (the Managing Director of Imagineering) is uniquely positioned to understand and relate to your needs.  She is familiar with the challenges facing women in the business (and corporate) world and can provide expert, tailored advice to female clients (or any business owner who would prefer a woman business coach).  Rhondalynn Korolak is the leading Melbourne business coach for women – a reputation that has allowed her to assist and advise women across Australia and abroad.

For more information on Imagineering’s business coaching programs in Melbourne and online, contact us today via and take the first step towards your inevitable success!

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