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What if I Could Show You a Simple Way (Based on Science) to Have The Success You Want?

and I could share this knowledge with you in less than 3 hours so that you could apply it to both your personal and business goals?

Would that be worth the investment of your time?

In the Imagineering Your Future webinar you will discover the link between your mindset and the results you have achieved to date. Even better, we will show you how to put in place a proven strategy and action plan to help you get more of what you want.

No matter how successful you have been up to this point, you are about to become even more successful. If you have been blocking your own success in some aspect, you will learn how to get out of your own way. If you have been afraid of success or failure, you will learn how to move through and beyond your fear. If you are happy with your results but want to step up and achieve more, we will show you how to break through your boundaries. In our time together, you will discover and get clarity around:

  1. A clear vision and goals for your business
  2. Where your business is at compared to where you imagine it could be
  3. The habits and behaviours that have been holding you back and what you need to do to change your results

It has often been said that if you keep doing the same thing over and over you cannot reasonably expect a different result. As you now know, things don’t change, WE change. This is your opportunity to make those changes NOW and start creating the life and results you deserve!


“Before I took this workshop with Rhondalynn, I never bothered to write goals or spend much time on business planning. I had NO idea how much this was holding me back until I actually followed this simple process and watched my results soar – in all areas of my life. I didn’t understand how my attitudes and habits were hurting me and I had no idea what to do to kick start my business and start moving forward. This is by far the best investment that I ever made – I made $15,000 more in my first month after the workshop and best of all, I learned how to get out of my own way! If you are serious about becoming more successful, this course is the best investment you will ever make in yourself.”
Debra Patterson, Skin Essentials, Sydney, NSW

As our practice grew, it seemed like we were going backwards. I had a “blinding flash of the obvious” when Rhondalynn asked me to take a look at my values in the context of my business and finances. That one insight and the changes that I made as a result of having it brought to my attention, have paid back my investment in your course 100 times. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this knowledge and for inspiring me with your personal journey.”
Allison Wheeler, Naturopath, Melbourne, VIC

“The day after the workshop, I implemented one of the concepts we learned and that one change increased my revenues by 300%. I’ve already recommended this seminar to three other business owners!”
Sandra Saxby, Aged Care, Melbourne, VIC