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Get Your Business To Show You More Love with Financial Foreplay®!

Poor financial management is as fatal to your business as a photo of your parents on the bedside table is to your libido! If you want to protect the heart of your business and get it to show you more love, you must understand and learn to prevent the most common causes of small business failure. Financial Foreplay® is the antidote to these lethal killers. If you can become a master at finding and keeping cash in your business, tracking and managing your key numbers and using these insights to drive business improvement, your success is inevitable. Discover at least 99 different strategies to whip your business into shape and you will finally learn:

  • How to give your bank balance a dose of Viagra;
  • Why your debtors are just not that into you;
  • How to unlock the big “O” in your business;
  • Why STDs are killing your cash flow

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