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Want to Influence More Prospects to Say “Yes” to Your Message?

What you will discover in this book has the power to transform your results exponentially – because it will simplify your message, amplify retention and multiply your conversions.

  • If your message is getting lost, these insights will grab attention, increase recall and boost sales
  • If your sales cycle is too long, this book will accelerate the process and save you time and money
  • If your prospects need to ‘think about it’, this knowledge will help you trigger a decision

Rhondalynn has taken the key findings from neuroscience and neuromarketing and boiled them down to a simple, step-by-step process that you can use to captivate attention, accelerate your sales process, trigger decisions and close more business. Not only will she explain what works and what doesn’t, she will help you apply it to your message, your product/service and your customers.

If you understand how your prospect’s brain works, you will sell more. Sales Seduction explains how neuroscience and neuromarketing have an impact on how you create, buy, sell, and experience everything. This simple step-by-step strategy will help you create more impactful branding, marketing campaigns, sales presentations and promotions.

As an added bonus when you purchase your autographed copy of “Sales Seduction” direct from Rhondalynn on this website, you will also receive the “Sales Seduction Business Process Blueprint (wall size flowchart)” completely FREE! 

This blueprint will give you a visual, step-by-step neuromarketing template for moving forward to produce sales and marketing messages that attract more customers and close more sales based on science and proven methods (that have already worked for thousands of business owners just like you).

You will also receive regular emails over a 2 month period ‘PACKED-FULL‘ of handy strategies and tactics for boosting your influence and impact AND you will get access to some exclusive coaching tools normally reserved for our private 1-on-1 coaching clients only.

We are 100% confident that you will love “Sales Seduction” and that it will be the best investment you will ever make on a business book.

But, in the unlikely case that you’re not completely thrilled, you may return it in 30 days with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund or credit your charge card for what you paid us for the book.

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“A big difference exists between what is ‘said’ and what is ‘heard.’ This difference matters a lot in business. Sales Seduction introduces some fascinating concepts about how the brain works to help us all speak more effectively to the hearts and minds of our customers.
Gary Kovacs, CEO Mozilla Corporation

“These insights into the human brain clarify the way that brands, products and services get noticed, talked about, liked and bought. Sales Seduction gives you a step by step process for understanding and applying neuroscience and neuromarketing to your message to instantly increase your influence and impact.”
James Malinchak, ABCs Hit TV Show “Secret Millionaire”

“Like Gladwell and Dubner, Korolak combines storytelling with business lessons to create a helpful resource that is also hard to put down. It’s a gift that only the best business authors possess.”
James Tuckerman, Anthill Magazine

“Imagine, having the power to influence and persuade people to always say, “Yes”?  Rhondalynn Korolak’s new book, Sales Seduction, gives readers the required tools to do just that. But it’s a mistake to think this book is only written to help business owners boost their bottom-lines. In fact, the words, techniques and neuromarketing tactics in Rhondalynn’s book show everyone how to become a master closer in LIFE.
As a network television producer/writer/editor, I `sell’ (pitch) stories everyday – first to my bosses, and then, ultimately, to viewers. How well I do that determines what stories I get to cover and who’s not changing the channel. But I never actually thought I needed to read a neuromarketing book about selling and consumer behavior to do my job after a 20-year-career in broadcast news. I was wrong.
Rhondalynn’s Sales Seduction has opened a new perspective for me about the neuorscience of storytelling. Further, her understanding and analysis of how the brain works has forced me to rethink every detail about how I do my job. Not just words I chose to use, but also the video I use with those words. Good story telling is all about motion – both linguistically and visually. If the story stops moving in any way, the viewer is almost always gone – immediately. But it’s not just television. I know Rhondaynn’s seven strategies for success in `selling’ work across all media platforms. As Rhondalynn writes, it’s the “power of the strong visual message.” If done correctly, her neuromarketing method provides immediate results – and buyers immediately saying “yes” no matter what the product.
Rhondalynn also understands exactly what `news’ is. I personally haven’t looked at a press release in years. They’re nearly completely useless for grabbing the attention of the media types like me. Did I mention they’re almost universally poorly written and never get to the point? Rhondalynn says most release are filled with “fluff” – although I have a stronger word. Still, it’s all about using the right message – or “tease.” Yes, that’s an actually word used in television news. Like the techniques detailed in Sales Seduction, television producers use words and videos to act as aphrodisiacs to get people’s attention. You must do the same if you are trying to get mine. Rhondalynn knows the art of the open-ended question. As she tells readers, “the strongest asset is your ability to ask the right question.” Sound easy? Not so much.
Lastly, Sales Seduction has reminded me of the importance of selling myself. I have never gotten a job offer or promotion based exclusively on my resume or my professional ability. Every job I’ve gotten in my life I closed at the interview. And how I got that interview was usually through a third-party relationship I had nurtured. I’m not selling my abilities or achievements short. But “Sales Seduction” reminded once again of the importance of precision in one’s personal life, whether you’re at work, at the gym or bar, or simply dealing with your spouse or partner. Sales Seduction re-enforced for me how using certain words (“messaging”) and strategies can really get you almost anything you want in life. Without a doubt, reading Sales Seduction can change your life. It is persuasive and powerful! And there’s no one more qualified to teach you the skills you need to succeed than Rhondalynn Korolak. Without a doubt, she has mastered the art of seduction!  It is a terrific, well-written 181 page book!”
Craig Wilson, Producer/Writer/Editor, CBS News New York