Looking for a Motivational Speaker in Australia to WOW The Audience at Your Event?

We’ve made it easy to have one of the motivational speakers in Melbourne – and Australia wide – to inspire, educate and empower your audience.

Rhondalynn Korolak has a proven track record of success as a business speaker (and motivational speaker) for Australian business conferences and events. Not only is she easy to work with, she will to customise her presentation to the occasion and your audience, adding relevance and value for your attendees. She has delivered impressive presentations to audiences of 20-1000 attendees for a wide variety of businesses, organizations and industries. Her considerable experience as both a business woman, mother and motivational speaker, means she is as comfortable presenting at large events and conferences as she is at more intimate seminars, boardroom retreats, breakout sessions and team training events.

What distinguishes Rhondalynn Korolak from other motivational speakers in Melbourne (and throughout Australia), is her ability to put herself in your audience’s shoes – from a place of understanding and authenticity, she will draw upon proven strategies and real life client stories to move your audience from where they are to where they would like to be. They will immediately connect with her powerful story of triumph after a life-changing personal tragedy, and will be inspired to put their own past and perceived limitations behind them. She has a natural ability to motivate, lead and empower you to unlock and achieve your full potential.

Here are some great reasons why Rhondalynn is the best choice when you’re looking for a motivational speaker:

“Surpassed our expectations!”

“Three months down the track and Rhondalynn (and her message about overcoming adversity and putting the past behind you) are still being talked about by our people on a daily basis. It’s one thing to be voted most popular conference speaker, but Rhondalynn was also voted most useful and life changing. Our delegates have asked us to invite Rhondalynn back as motivational speaker at next year’s conference.”
Mary and Paul Blackburn, Owners and Founders of Beyond Success

“Feedback was outstanding!”

“Rhondalynn made a big impression at our recent Business Bootcamp with her straightforward, powerful and inspirational insights – her presentation generated outstanding feedback and appreciation from the audience. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to you as your next conference speaker or motivational speaker.”

Nigel Miller, Producer of Kochie’s Business Builders (Channel 7)

How Can You Be Sure Your Audience Will Connect With Rhondalynn?

Rhondalynn will never subject your attendees to death via powerpoint! She will draw upon real life case studies and her personal experience as a senior executive with leading international brands to create an experiential learning environment. Her focus is to educate and entertain your delegates so that everyone audience leaves with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

Isn’t it comforting to know that Rhondalynn’s presentation will be 100% unique and hand-crafted in consultation with you? She will meet with you to discover and explore the underlying needs and challenges of your audience and she will deliver practical solutions and tangible evidence for instant impact, retention and ACTION!

Here is what clients have said about Rhondalynn as a motivational speaker:

“Connects with and engages the audience…”

“An engaging & authentic speaking style – our audience connected with her immediately.  She received 5 star feedback as a keynote speaker at our national and regional conferences.”
Julie Primmer, General Manager of Jetset Travelworld Network

“Our attendees were inspired to take action!”

“Her ability to create impact & add value transformed our event. I would recommend her to your organization as a motivational speaker or business speaker – especially if you are looking for a dynamic and generous presenter to entertain, encourage and educate your audience.”
Janita Friend, General Manager, Brand, PR and Communications of Make-A-Wish Australia

How Can You Be Sure That You’re Hiring The Best Motivational Speaker?

This year Rhondalynn will present to more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, sales professionals, senior executives, franchisees, and industry association members on the principles of overcoming adversity, mindset, motivation, leadership, and influence. In addition to being a fully qualified lawyer and chartered accountant, she is also the best-selling author of three books, Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is the leading expert on how to overcome obstacles and put the past behind you once and for all – she contributes to trusted and respected business publications such as CNN, The Age, Yahoo, Fast Thinking, Smart Company, Dynamic Business, Sydney Morning Herald and MYOB.

Download & Read Rhondalynn’s Speaker Kit Now!

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Looking for the perfect inspirational speaker for your Melbourne conference?

Rhondalynn Korolak is a dynamic motivational speaker with an engaging public speaking style. Your guests will be hooked from the moment she steps up on stage and shares her personal story of triumph despite a shocking family tragedy, and her authentic voice on the topics of mindset, motivation, and overcoming adversity will make your audience believe that they too can make dramatic changes and achieve even more.

A range of formats are available, from a full length keynote speech with Q&A session to facilitation or participation in a panel discussion with other experts. Bookings are required at least eight weeks in advance, to allow for preparation of a presentation that is customised to your company, your message and your audience.

Hire the leading motivational speaker in Australia

Rhondalynn has been delivering her life changing seminars all over the country for several years, and is an 20+ year veteran of sales, marketing and finance. Drawing from both her personal experiences, scientific education and business roles, Rhondalynn has delivered presentations as a motivational speaker at both private corporate events and industry wide conferences. Rhondalynn has also demonstrated her adaptability and presented to international audiences, making a great impact as a inspirational speaker with a number of North American clients.

To find out more about how an interactive presentation by Rhondalynn could enhance your event or conference, download her speaker kit now.

Rhondalynn Korolak is the Melbourne based motivational speaker you need to create a lasting impression

A good motivational speaker doesn’t just hype up an audience; she gets them excited, committed and focused to take action today and over the long term. No matter which topic you choose to focus on, Rhondalynn will ensure audience members are prompted and equipped to maintain the momentum of the conference for months and years to come. By tapping into deeper personal motivating factors and inspiring action, Rhondalynn’s presentations and impact are legendary.

As a keynote speaker at leading Australian business conferences, Boardroom retreats and small business networking events, Rhondalynn Korolak masterfully combines education and entertainment. Using a fast paced combination of facts, scientific principles and personal anecdotes, Rhondalynn transforms inaccessible content into something your audience can relate to and implement in their business and personal lives today.

Secure your opportunity to enjoy the wisdom and stories of Australia’s best motivational speaker

Rhondalynn’s calendar fills up quickly, and availability is strictly limited due to her dedication to her private business coaching clients. To ensure that she is able to be a part of your event, it is best to enquire and book as soon as possible. You may submit a free, no obligation enquiry by email to info@imagineeringunlimited.com, or call 1300 892 984 within Australia. Download her corporate Speaker Kit now for more details.