Curious To Know HOW To Seduce & Influence More Prospects & Customers?

If you’re ready to generate more leads, influence your customer to decide quickly and make price a non-issue, you can apply to join our next online Sales Seduction Master Class.

Here’s How It Works :

Each intake group for Master Class is limited to 20 business owners and Rhondalynn will hand-select the applicants who demonstrate they are willing to do what it takes to transform their sales and marketing messages into customer magnets!

First, you’ll need to enter your details and pay your deposit by clicking the “Yes, Let Me In” button below. Then you’ll receive an email with a link to the application form where you will be asked to answer a series of diagnostic questions about your business. Please answer them as completely and succinctly as possible. If you don’t see the email, please check your spam/junk mail folder.

Once we receive your application and deposit, someone will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a telephone interview with Rhondalynn. If at any time during the application or interview process you decide that you are not ready to step up and commit, please let us know and we will refund your deposit in full. Similarly, we will let you know if we have concerns or suspect that the timing or fit may not be right for you at this time.  And remember, when you sign up today, you will also get the bonuses that were offered on the webinar.


“These strategies really work! I grew my customer base by 17% and my customers are now spending 25% more when they shop with us. All of this without increasing our advertising budget or spending a heap of time trying to figure out social media marketing.!” – Gianna Mollinaro, Melbourne

“Our new marketing campaign brought us a massive 34% increase in customers and increased the amount our customers spend at each visit by 28%. Sales Seduction made a huge impact on the effectiveness of our message.” – Kari Aston, Melbourne

“I am so thankful that we didn’t waste a bunch of money on advertising before getting our message and delivery right. We now make 19% more and I don’t feel pressed to increase our spend on newspaper and online advertising – we boosted our revenue by 50% when we focused on our existing customers and sold them a solution to cure their #1 source of pain.” – Nicole Johannsen, Perth

“With just a few simple strategies we learned in Chapters 1,2 and 16, our revenues doubled and so did the amount that I pay myself each month.” – Thomas Garrett, Newport Beach

“I found the 7 Step Process easy to follow and it helped me to create a new, improved sales presentation that really works with my clients. Sales are up 29% and the feedback from clients has been amazing. Some of them get several sales calls a day and I earned their attention and business. My confidence is now way up!” – Anne-Marie Knight, Sydney