Melbourne Author Recommends Financial Foreplay® To Save Your Business!

A recent survey conducted by AMEX indicated that almost 50% of small – mid size business owners believed the current economic situation was negatively impacting their profits. 2 out of every 5 of these business owners also believed that they were at risk of going out of business because of the declining economic climate.

So what does this mean for the average Australia small business? Most small business owners make the fatal mistake of thinking that they simply need more customers. If only they had more customers, they would have more sales and more profit…and they would be more successful.

But is this true? Can businesses simply advertise their way into more sales and an enhanced bottom line during tough times? According to Rhondalynn Korolak, business acceleration expert and author of Financial Foreplay® – Whip Your Business Into Shape and Take Home More Cash, “more businesses in Australia go bankrupt due to a lack of cash flow than any other single reason”.

“The common assumption is that if you are running a business in which the price you charge for your products is greater than what they cost you, everything will be okay: you will be profitable and successful.  Profit is good – don’t get me wrong – but it is simply not enough on its own. To be sustainable, your business must also have a healthy cash flow” says Korolak, who is also a fully qualified lawyer and chartered accountant.

Korolak’s myth busting and controversial new book – Financial Foreplay® – is the answer to Australian business owner’s prayers. Never before has anyone actually explained important financial concepts in a way that was fun, easy-to-understand and interactive! You can’t help but come away with at least 99 different strategies to whip your business into shape and you will finally know the answer to important questions like:

  • How to relieve the #1 pent up frustration in your business?
  • What is the hidden romance killer in your business? and
  • How to find the sweet spot in your business?

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