Google Uses Neuromarketing To Revolutionize SEO, according to small business marketing expert Rhondalynn Korolak

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March 14, 2013

In the past year, Google has revolutionized the game of SEO with a series of updates known as “Penguin” and “Panda.”  In the past, businesses, individuals and organizations could literally stuff their website with low quality, repetitive articles that were keyword-rich but content poor. According to Rhondalynn Korolak, author of Sales Seduction, “these new updates mean that the search results you are presented with now are much more likely to engage the part of your brain that makes decisions and takes action – and that’s where neuromarketing comes in.”

Today, the online game is all about quality content. And quality is now defined as content that is unique, authentic, relevant and compelling to the intended audience. Rather than focusing blindly on search engine optimization which is prone to manipulation, Google is forcing website owners to shift that focus to social engagement optimization – which is harder to fake.

Ironically, this move toward giving preference to online content that is reader-centric, unique, emotionally engaging, and backed by social-proof sounds a lot like the key brain stimuli for persuasion and influence espoused by neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is rapidly becoming the key tool of choice for sales professionals and marketers. By using sophisticated medical imaging equipment to analyze how the brain receives and processes information, we now know that the part of the brain that DECIDES is 45,000 times older than language and writing, and therefore, it struggles to process both.

Surprisingly, it is this primitive part of the brain (not the neo-cortex) that dominates the decision making process. According to Korolak, what this means is that “survival-related functions and visual cues dominate your decision making process. Consumers don’t care about you, your brand, your awards and certifications or your features and benefits. They are looking for solutions – in the form of content, products and services – that solve their pain and keep them alive.”

And Google is the largest portal in the world for consumers who are searching for solutions to problems and pain. “In order to assist their users to find those solutions quickly,” says Korolak, “Google has discovered that it pays to appeal to this old/reptilian brain.”

To do this Google has had to become more sophisticated in the way that it indexes websites to find content that is most likely to be relevant and engaging. For those websites that have strong visual appeal (in the form of video), unique content that solves the pain of the consumer and emotional engagement that retains users longer, Google rewards them richly with coveted page 1 placement. Those that focus too much on their brand and don’t create emotional engagement or solve pain, are relegated to search engine obscurity.

According to Korolak, “If you are using lots of big words, telling them why you got into business, showing them reams of numbers/graphs and listing your features and benefits, chances are you are actually pushing customers away and killing your Google page ranking.”

Google is not the only information giant to base their product strategy on neuromarketing insights. Recent news releases confirm that Fairfax Median in Australia commissioned ground-breaking neuromarketing research to measure customer engagement with its new compact newspaper format before taking its broadsheet version off the market in March of this year. Early reports indicate that the new compact version was found to be 22 percent more engaging by neuromarketing studies.

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