Are you at a crossroads in your business?  Perhaps you are working too hard and not achieving the financial results you deserve or maybe you are just looking for better and more effective ways to grow your business profitably?Business - Besprechung in einem Büro

Business coaching can assist you to achieve phenomenal improvements in your business – the crucial step is to find and select a Melbourne business coach that is ideally suited to inspire and empower you with the right questions, tools and strategies to move your business and your results forward.  You need to find someone who “gets you” and your business and can help you to quickly identify where you need to focus your energy and resources to get the maximum impact on your bottom line.  In order to work smarter, not harder, this means your coach will show you how to stop doing all the things that are hurting your results or holding you back.

Even though I started off as a Melbourne business coach, I have presented to over 15,000 business owners worldwide and coached businesses in almost every industry – including trades, retail, hospitality, professional services, building and construction, furniture and homewares, import/export, automotive, manufacturing, aged care and health services, medical and health services, agriculture, mining, pharmaceuticals, accommodation, warehousing, media, financial services, rental and hiring, employment and education.  I have a proven track record as a Melbourne business coach (and with clients around the world), helping entrepreneurs just like you achieve their dreams and goals.  I can help you:

  • Increase the number of leads and sales you get for every dollar you invest in sales and marketing activities
  • Grow your bottom line and cash flow reliably and predictably
  • Break even sooner each month so that you can put more cash back in your own pocket instead of just paying everyone else
  • Reduce the amount of time and money you waste on activities that are not productive in your business
  • Understand the key drivers in your business so that you can set realistic targets and communicate them effectively to your team
  • Demystify the numbers in your financial statements so that you don’t have to wait till the end of the financial year to find out whether you achieved your goals or not
  • Ask better questions, make better decisions and step up as a leader

Do these sound like the sort of results that you’d like to achieve for your business?  Great, then you may want to submit an application form now to be considered for one of my upcoming coaching programs.  Please know that I am very selective in who I choose to work with and am looking for business owners who are:

  • Committed to the goal of growing a strong business and are willing to do the work
  • Willing to step back and evaluate what is working and not working
  • Serious about tracking and measuring their results so that we can set targets and key performance indicators
  • Interested in building and strengthening the team around them
  • Keen to put systems in place so that the business operates more reliably and predictably
  • Exploring an exit or succession strategy

So if you have decided to move forward and find a Melbourne business coach that can assist you to step up and boost your results, please drop us a line and let us know why you would make an ideal client.

As discussed above, there are a multitude of scenarios and reasons why you might seek out a Melbourne business coach, but one thing is for certain, it pays to do your due diligence and seek out a creditable business coach or mentor.  Here are my top tips for finding a reputable Melbourne business coach that can help you:

  • Research their credentials – look for someone who has committed to their own business and coaching education and who has a wealth of experience across disciplines (not just sales and marketing credentials).
  • Beware of anyone who does not analyse your financial statements up front and assess the health of your business before commencing work with you on plans and strategies.
  • Avoid social media and branding experts – many of these “experts” have little business experience and you can easily waste thousands of dollars and get no return on your investment.
  • Read the publications and media coverage for your potential coach – the best candidates will have strong followings, lots of relevant media exposure and the ability to explain important concepts and strategies to you in plain English.
  • Look for a Melbourne business coach that has built successful businesses in the past – avoid coaches whose testimonials are non-specific or cannot be validated.
  • Insist on a coach that has at least 3 years experience coaching and has a client retention history of at least 12 months.

These questions are fairly straightforward but crucial for helping you decide on the right Melbourne Business Coach who is qualified and capable to assist you.

If you’d like to know more about how business coaching can help you to achieve your goals, please fill in the contact form on this page with your request.

Your Melbourne Business Coach.


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