Are You Ashamed to Admit That You Actually Watch “The Apprentice”?

Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "Financial Foreplay®"

Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "Financial Foreplay®"

There’s nothing like a good train wreck.  We all know that we are not supposed to watch.  It’s not politically correct to have a sticky beak and take a peek at the misfortune of others.  But WE just can’t help ourselves, can we?

The Apprentice is a reality-show-train-wreck like no other.  Where else can you find a group of 12 ambitious contestants who don’t have an ounce of talent, business acumen, common sense or humility between them?  I mean seriously, where did Channel 9 get these people?  They are touted as 12 of Australia’s top minds.  If that is true, God help us all.

Can businesses simply bumble along and advertise their way into more sales and an enhanced bottom line during tough economic times?  Everyone knows that more businesses in Australia go bankrupt due to a lack of cash flow than any other single reason. 

It is widely known that during periods of economic downturn more innovations are conceived and more business owners have made their fortunes, than in comparable times of economic stability or prosperity.  Gains made by companies during these challenging times have often resulted from better cost management, innovation, retaining best customers and effectively tapping into new business niches.  The unsophisticated challenges that these contestants have been given each week are designed more to entertain the general public than they are to test the ability of these lightweights to build and maintain a real business.

The only redeeming feature on the show is Mark Bouris himself.  He comes across as very engaging, fair and straight down the line.  This is an excellent chance for him to showcase his impressive wealth of knowledge and experience.  And he is looking for an apprentice.

Can you imagine any of these 12 actually employed as his Head of Business Development, earning a six-figure salary, at Yellow Brick Road?  

Seriously mate, were not in Kansas anymore!  These 12 have as much chance succeeding in that role as you and I have of meeting the Wizard of Oz.

About The Author
Rhondalynn's life changed forever after the loss of her mother due to a senseless tragedy in 1992. She decided that despite her formal training and a promising career as a lawyer and chartered accountant, she wanted to do something more. So despite the fact she had already invested 10 years of her adult life in university and articling, she did the unthinkable. She left her high paid job as Commercial Manager for one of the largest corporations in the country, she re-trained herself in the sciences of the mind and she discovered a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge with business owners and executives. Rhondalynn has distilled the secrets to business success - that she learned from her life experience and working in GM level roles with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, Village Cinemas, and Coles Group Ltd. - and produced a simple step-by-step process that you can apply to your business to boost your sales and bottom line. Rhondalynn can help you put strategies in place to grow your bottom line and ensure that your customers would never think of going elsewhere. She is the leading expert on harnessing the power of your brain and using it to improve your financial results in business. Rhondalynn is the author of On The Shoulders of Giants, Imagineering Your Destiny, Sobre Hombros deGigantes, Financial Foreplay®, and Sales Seduction. She has appeared on CNN, Bnet/CBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Kochie's Business Builders and 3AW, and writes for Yahoo, MYOB, Fast Thinking, Sunday Life, Dynamic Business, Business Spectator and Australian Retailer.


  • By Craig Parker 11 Nov 2009

    Thanks for the insight. I am now glad I have only ever watched the first 5 minutes. I actually thought I would learn from watching it and thought I was missing out on something.

  • By Christopher Reid 11 Nov 2009

    Hi Rhodalynn,

    I actually don’t watch that show. However, I do engage in activity that are time wasters, like watching other tv programs, playing video games on the internet, etc. Many times I find myself taking action towards achieving goals in times of crises.

  • By Helen Yan 30 Nov 2009

    I actually found the show was very different from most of shows on TV and a best. It is a key ability to identify an appropriate candidate for the position in the business. Maybe, all 12 are good for the position. However, who will have the highest employee profitability for a long period, say, 10 years? Of course, it should be a 23 year old boy strongly desiring sucess.

  • By Nitric Force Factor 22 Jul 2010

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