Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "On The Shoulders of Giants"

Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "On The Shoulders of Giants"

Many people believe that depression can result from anger turned inwards.  Anger and depression are simply states of mind just like sadness, frustration, confusion etc. 

Anger does not cause (nor is it a symptom of depression).  In my clinical experience, persistent anger does often co-exist with MANY other negative emotions – frustration, despair, fear, sense of hopelessness etc.  However, in assisting clients to release these deeply ingrained patterns of negative emotions (which can become bad habits over time), it is often necessary to work with and release anger first as it is a strong, dominant, primary emotion.  Often, unless anger is released first, it is impossible to face or address the underlying issue(s).

However, I do not believe anger causes (or is a symptom of) depression per se.

Depression often presents when a person is constantly worried about problems they perceive they have no control over.  It results from a tendency to focus exclusively on the negative – thought, spoken word, physiology etc.  Like anger, depression is not something that happens to us – it can be created and exacerbated by our thoughts, words and physiology over time.  Over long periods of time, it is possible to develop a habit of being angry all the time and/or a habit of being depressed.

Statistics prove that the majority of us focus more of our attention on what we don’t want (or are afraid of) and we tend to do it with passion!  Science has already proven that anything we do with strong emotion and passion creates a deeper engram (impression) on our minds.  

Changing deeply ingrained habits or repetitive states of mind (whether they be positive or negative) requires repetitive autosuggestion over a period of at least 21 days.  This fact was discovered in the 60’s by a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz. 

What this means is that we are always in control of our experience of the world – our emotions, our meanings and the habits we develop over time.  No one causes us to feel angry or depressed.  It is something that we choose to do ourselves, in response to our life experiences.  The good news is that we can take responsibility and “unchoose” the unproductive states of mind or habits….thereby changing forever our results and our destiny.

About The Author
Rhondalynn's life changed forever after the loss of her mother due to a senseless tragedy in 1992. She decided that despite her formal training and a promising career as a lawyer and chartered accountant, she wanted to do something more. So despite the fact she had already invested 10 years of her adult life in university and articling, she did the unthinkable. She left her high paid job as Commercial Manager for one of the largest corporations in the country, she re-trained herself in the sciences of the mind and she discovered a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge with business owners and executives. Rhondalynn has distilled the secrets to business success - that she learned from her life experience and working in GM level roles with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, Village Cinemas, and Coles Group Ltd. - and produced a simple step-by-step process that you can apply to your business to boost your sales and bottom line. Rhondalynn can help you put strategies in place to grow your bottom line and ensure that your customers would never think of going elsewhere. She is the leading expert on harnessing the power of your brain and using it to improve your financial results in business. Rhondalynn is the author of On The Shoulders of Giants, Imagineering Your Destiny, Sobre Hombros deGigantes, Financial Foreplay®, and Sales Seduction. She has appeared on CNN, Bnet/CBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Kochie's Business Builders and 3AW, and writes for Yahoo, MYOB, Fast Thinking, Sunday Life, Dynamic Business, Business Spectator and Australian Retailer.


  • By Clark Louvier 17 Sep 2011

    Hi there could I reference some of the content here in this site if I provide a link back to your site?

    • By Rhondalynn Korolak 18 Sep 2011

      My pleasure – thanks for asking.

      If you are looking for any other similar content, let me know. I have a related blog for my first book – On The Shoulders of Giants – which is where I normally post content related to mindset, self help, overcoming adversity. Feel free to use what is of value to your audience. Thanks in advance for the backlink. I appreciate it.


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