Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "Financial Foreplay®"

Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of "Financial Foreplay®"

One of the wonderful things about personal characteristics like confidence or preparedness is that if you pretend to have them, you have them immediately.  Since the mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined event, acting ‘as if’ is a logical and sensible solution to temporary uncertainty!

Because our mind has such a profound influence on our external experience, choosing to adopt beneficial emotional states is the first step to truly mastering your life.  All that we are and have experienced to date is a result of what we have imagined to be true in our minds. If we are unhappy with the results, our experience can be changed as quickly as we can change our minds and imagine a new meaning.

It is a bit like role-playing. We all have certain roles – they act as an invisible costume that we slip in and out of depending on what is required of us. Some of us have very well developed role of ‘victim’, for example. Or perhaps we slip easily into the role of ‘reluctant public speaker’ or ‘follower’. 

We have a choice as to which part we will play and which costume we will wear. Many of us play the same role every day without stopping to question WHY? The roles are neither inspiring nor exciting and yet we accept them as a fait accompli. It reminds me of the child who is relegated to the supporting role of ‘tree’ in the primary school play. We all know the one –she stands in the corner with the ridiculous costume on but never speaks. She is on stage with the rest of the class but never really has the chance to shine  – to play the lead and command the attention and applause of an adoring audience.

Eventually that child grows up but has become so accustomed to playing the supporting role that he does not realise the limitless possibilities available  – successful entrepreneur, loving mother, skilful public speaker etc. She is 30 years old and still getting up each and every day to put on her ‘tree’ costume and stand on the sidelines of her own life. The school play is long over yet she is still living the life she imagined in her head when he was a little girl.

Every day we have the choice of which lenses, attire or uniform to put on. The choice has always been ours and the possibilities are infinite. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you vividly imagine so why not chose something that’s going to make your life richer, happier and more fulfilling?

It’s time to cast aside your ‘tree’ costume … you won’t need that anymore. You can be anything that you choose to imagine right now.

Fake it until you make it! Trust me, it will be a short trip.

About The Author
Rhondalynn's life changed forever after the loss of her mother due to a senseless tragedy in 1992. She decided that despite her formal training and a promising career as a lawyer and chartered accountant, she wanted to do something more. So despite the fact she had already invested 10 years of her adult life in university and articling, she did the unthinkable. She left her high paid job as Commercial Manager for one of the largest corporations in the country, she re-trained herself in the sciences of the mind and she discovered a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge with business owners and executives. Rhondalynn has distilled the secrets to business success - that she learned from her life experience and working in GM level roles with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, Village Cinemas, and Coles Group Ltd. - and produced a simple step-by-step process that you can apply to your business to boost your sales and bottom line. Rhondalynn can help you put strategies in place to grow your bottom line and ensure that your customers would never think of going elsewhere. She is the leading expert on harnessing the power of your brain and using it to improve your financial results in business. Rhondalynn is the author of On The Shoulders of Giants, Imagineering Your Destiny, Sobre Hombros deGigantes, Financial Foreplay®, and Sales Seduction. She has appeared on CNN, Bnet/CBS, Channel 7, Channel 9, Kochie's Business Builders and 3AW, and writes for Yahoo, MYOB, Fast Thinking, Sunday Life, Dynamic Business, Business Spectator and Australian Retailer.


  • By Julie Mann 09 Mar 2010

    I really enjoyed your article. I think You are absolutely right. Faking it may seem uncomfortable to start with but it will soon be overtaken by the the real thing! Yes and if you are still behaving like a tree….. it’s time to branch out!
    Julie Mann Habitfixer

  • By Toni James 13 Apr 2010

    I cannot argue with your theory, how wonderful it is to pretend to be.. however, how about those people who find it difficult to “imagine”..meaning not everyone has been favoured with that disposition..don’t mean to sound negative, just real. Would appreciate your comments. thanks toni

  • By rhondalynn 08 Jun 2010

    We all possess the ability to “imagine” in our mind – however, HOW we do that is different for every person. Some see pictures, others have strong feelings, hear sounds, smell scents etc. It doesn’t matter HOW we visualize, only that we do it with great emotion. Whatever we imagine with great emotion creates a deeper impression (engram or memory trace) on the mind.

  • By best registry cleaner 08 Dec 2010

    Good article Thank you so much

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